selected publications

bioRxiv preprint

Structural diversity and clustering of bacterial flagellar outer domains

Jessie Lynda Fields, Hua Zhang, Nathan F. Bellis, Holly A. Petersen, Sajal K. Halder, Shane T. Rich-New, Hui Wu, and Fengbin Wang 

Nat. Comm. (2024)

Two dramatically distinct archaeal type IV pili structures formed by the same pilin

Junfeng Liu, Gunnar N. Eastep, Virginija Cvirkaite-Krupovic, Shane T. Rich-New, Mark A.B. Kreutzberger, Edward H. Egelman, Mart Krupovic, Fengbin Wang

Cell (2023)

Extracellular cytochrome nanowires appear to be ubiquitous in prokaryotes

Diana P. Baquero, Virginija Cvirkaite-Krupovic, Shengen Shawn Hu, Jessie Lynda Fields, Xing Liu, Christopher Rensing, Edward H. Egelman, Mart Krupovic, Fengbin Wang

Nat Nanotech (2023)

Cell spheroid creation by transcytotic intercellular gelation

Jiaqi Guo, Fengbin Wang, Yimeng Huang, Hongjian He, Weiyi Tan, Meihui Yi, Edward H. Egelman, Bing Xu

Chem (2023)

Hierarchical assembly of intrinsically disordered short peptides

Jiaqi Guo, Shane T. Rich-New, Chen Liu, Yimeng Huang, Weiyi Tan, Hongjian He, Meihui Yi, Xixiang Zhang, Edward H. Egelman, Fengbin Wang, and Bing Xu

Brief. Bioinformatics (2023)

Fast and Automated Protein-DNA/RNA Macromolecular Complex Modeling from Cryo-EM Maps

Andrew Nakamura, Hanze Meng, Minglei Zhao, Fengbin Wang, Jie Hou, Renzhi Cao, Dong Si

Trends Microbiol. (2022)

Microbial nanowires: type IV pili or cytochrome filaments?

Fengbin Wang, Lisa Craig, Xing Liu, Christopher Rensing, Edward H. Egelman

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selected publications

eLife (2022)

Structure of Geobacter OmcZ filaments suggests extracellular cytochrome polymers evolved independently multiple times

Fengbin Wang, Chi Ho Chan, Victor Suciu, Khawla Mustafa, Madeline Ammend, Dong Si, Allon I Hochbaum, Edward H Egelman, Daniel R Bond

Cell (2022)

Spindle-shaped archaeal viruses evolved from rod-shaped ancestors to package a larger genome.

Fengbin Wang, Virginija Cvirkaite-Krupovic, Matthijn Vos, Leticia C Beltran, Mark AB Kreutzberger, Jean-Marie Winter, Zhangli Su, Jun Liu, Stefan Schouten, Mart Krupovic, Edward H Egelman

JACS (2022)

Enzyme Responsive Rigid-Rod Aromatics Target “Undruggable” Phosphatases to Kill Cancer Cells in a Mimetic Bone Microenvironment

Meihui Yi, Fengbin Wang, Weiyi Tan, Jer-Tsong Hsieh, Edward H. Egelman, and Bing Xu

Chem. Rev. (2022)

Cryo-EM of Helical Polymers

Fengbin Wang, Ordy Gnewou, Armin Solemanifar, Vincent P Conticello, Edward H Egelman

Nat. Microbio. (2022)

Cryo-EM structure of an extracellular Geobacter OmcE cytochrome filament reveals tetrahaem packing

Fengbin Wang, Khawla Mustafa, Victor Suciu Zhangli Su, Dong Si, Allon I. Hochbaum, Edward H. Egelman and Daniel R. Bond

PNAS (2022)

Archaeal bundling pili of Pyrobaculum calidifontis reveal similarities between archaeal and bacterial biofilms

Fengbin Wang, Virginija Cvirkaite-Krupovic, Mart Krupovic, and Edward H. Egelmana

BPJ (2022)

DeepTracer ID: De Novo Protein Identification from Cryo-EM Maps

Luca Chang, Fengbin Wang, Kiernan Connolly, Hanze Meng, Zhangli Su, Virginija Cvirkaite-Krupovic, Mart Krupovic, Edward H. Egelman, Dong Si

Matter (2021)

Deterministic chaos in the self-assembly of β sheet nanotubes from an amphipathic oligopeptide

Fengbin Wang, Ordy Gnewou, Shengyuan Wang, Tomasz Osinski, Xiaobing Zuo, Edward H Egelman, Vincent P Conticello

Nat. Comm. (2021)

Structural analysis of cross α-helical nanotubes provides insight into the designability of filamentous peptide nanomaterials

Fengbin Wang, Ordy Gnewou, Charles Modlin, Leticia C Beltran, Chunfu Xu, Zhangli Su, Puneet Juneja, Gevorg Grigoryan, Edward H Egelman, Vincent P Conticello

PNAS (2020)

Structures of filamentous viruses infecting hyperthermophilic archaea explain DNA stabilization in extreme environments

Fengbin Wang, Diana P Baquero, Leticia C Beltran, Zhangli Su, Tomasz Osinski, Weili Zheng, David Prangishvili, Mart Krupovic, Edward H Egelman

Cell Rep. (2020)

Artificial intracellular filaments

Zhaoqianqi Feng, Huaimin Wang, Fengbin Wang, Younghoon Oh, Cristina Berciu, Qiang Cui, Edward H Egelman, Bing Xu

ACS nano. (2020)

Structural determination of a filamentous chaperone to fabricate electronically conductive metalloprotein nanowires

Yun X Chen, Nicole L Ing, Fengbin Wang, Dawei Xu, Nancy B Sloan, Nga T Lam, Daniel L Winter, Edward H Egelman, Allon I Hochbaum, Douglas S Clark, Dominic J Glover

Cell (2019)

Structure of microbial nanowires reveals stacked hemes that transport electrons over micrometers

Fengbin Wang, Yangqi Gu, J Patrick O’Brien, M Yi Sophia, Sibel Ebru Yalcin, Vishok Srikanth, Cong Shen, Dennis Vu, Nicole L Ing, Allon I Hochbaum, Edward H Egelman, Nikhil S Malvankar

Nat. Microbio. (2019)

An extensively glycosylated archaeal pilus survives extreme conditions

Fengbin Wang, Virginija Cvirkaite-Krupovic, Mark AB Kreutzberger, Zhangli Su, Guilherme AP de Oliveira, Tomasz Osinski, Nicholas Sherman, Frank DiMaio, Joseph S Wall, David Prangishvili, Mart Krupovic, Edward H Egelman

PNAS (2019)

A packing for A-form DNA in an icosahedral virus

Fengbin Wang, Ying Liu, Zhangli Su, Tomasz Osinski, Guilherme AP de Oliveira, James F Conway, Stefan Schouten, Mart Krupovic, David Prangishvili, Edward H Egelman

Nat Comm (2017)

A structural model of flagellar filament switching across multiple bacterial species

Fengbin Wang, Andrew M Burrage, Sandra Postel, Reece E Clark, Albina Orlova, Eric J Sundberg, Daniel B Kearns, Edward H Egelman

Structure (2017)

Cryoelectron Microscopy Reconstructions of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Neisseria gonorrhoeae Type IV Pili at Sub-nanometer Resolution

Fengbin Wang, Mathieu Coureuil, Tomasz Osinski, Albina Orlova, Tuba Altindal, Gaël Gesbert, Xavier Nassif, Edward H Egelman, Lisa Craig

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