Fengbin Wang (Jerry)

Principal Investigator
Ph.D.: UW-Madison -> Rice University (George Phillips Jr.)
Postdoc: University of Virginia (Ed Egelman)
Email: jerrywang at

Ayisha Zia

Researcher III
Research interests: structural and computational biology
Email: ayishasaeedzia at

Jessie Fields

Graduate student (Microbiology)
Research Interests: Bacterial physiology and pathogenesis
Email: jfields4 at

Tomasz Osinski (Tomek)

Computing Consultant
osinski at


Research Interest: bird migration

Alumni and/or previous trainees

Leti Beltrán

Graduate student (UVA)
Email: lb3rn at
"Feel free to reach me if you have questions about Jerry as a mentor or mentoring style!" -Leti

Joey Olmos

Graduate student (Rice)
Email: joseluisolmosjr at 

Eileen Brady

Undergraduate (Rice)
Email: Ebrady at 
Current: MD/PHD student, University of Washington

What we do

Use cryo-EM to understand and design large assemblies

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