1st lab outing

Lunch @Bay Leaf Modern Indian Cuisine & Bar

From left: Soon Dr. Ayisha Zia, Rotation student Jessie Fields, Jerry, Soon Dr. Jessalyn Miller (visiting from Conticello lab, Emory)

Oct 21, 2022

Our lab is open now! 

Looking for graduate students and Researcher III! All projects are available. Please contact Jerry via email [email protected]

Aug 15, 2022

Core approach: cryo-EM, helical indexing, structural proteomics
Optional training: cancer biology, anaerobic biology, peptide chemistry, Python programing, molecular biology
Networking and career development: conference presentation, departmental platform talks, collaborative projects outside and within UAB. A customized development/training plan tailored for your career trajectory.


Aug 5, 2022 (after lab lunch)

Very hard to say goodbye to my mentor Ed and Egelman lab members.
It's been a great journey!!!

What we do

Use cryo-EM to understand and design large assemblies

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