Kelly (2012-2023)

Kelly is a dumb cat. Based on her voice, I suspect she is a mix of cat and pigeon, though I don't have any evidence other than Kelly crow at 5 am like a rooster. My wife pointed out that this is unlikely in genetics, but who knows, 12 million Americans beleive Lizard People are running their country. I say everything is possible.

Kelly loves football, and she practices using water bottle caps. However, she doesn't like small round balls. This makes sense, as she is an American cat.

Kelly is lesbian. She significantly loves my wife better and rarely talks to me. She only talks to me when my wife is away for more than three days and pretends not to know me after she comes back. I have a strong evidence: Kelly was mostly kneading on Zhangli's tits.

Kelly likes junk food. She only eats chicken-flavored food from fancy feasts, nothing else. Fancy customized nutrient-balanced food? Nope, thanks. You're going to love to hear this: Kelly managed to stay skinny all the time despite eating FKC every day.

Miss you Kelly

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